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Nutrition Facts Labeling Software

Nutrition Facts Labeling
  • 2016-style and 1994-style US Nutrition Facts labels in English, French and Spanish, including bi-lingual labels
  • 2016-style and 2007-style Canada Nutrition Facts labels in English and French, inlcuding bi-lingual labels
  • Mexico Nutrition Facts labels in Spanish, English and French including bilingual labels
  • Dual-column Nutrition Facts labels (as-sold/as-prepared, different serving sizes), Aggregate Nutrition Facts labels for assortments, and Nutrition Facts labels for individual ingredients
  • Specify the width for linear Nutrition Facts labels
  • Include ingredient listing with Nutrition Facts label
  • Include allergen statement with Nutrition Facts label
  • Save Nutrition Facts labels in various graphic formats, including JPG, PDF and SVG

Menu Nutrition and Costing Software

Restaurant Menus
  • Calculate calories and nutrition for each menu item
  • Unlimited number of menus
  • Unlimited number of menu items for each menu
  • Use any menu as a menu item in another menu. This allows submenus like Appetizers, Entrees, etc. to be easily combined
  • Create the menu nutrient grid report to summarize nutrition data for the entire menu
  • Calculate cost and profitability for your entire menu

Recipe Nutrition Analysis

Nutrition Analysis
  • Calculate nutrient content and print Nutrition Facts labels for your products, including added sugar, Potassium and Vitamin D
  • Account for nutrition changes during processing, including moisture loss/gain and fat loss/gain
  • Determine which ingredients contribute calories, fat, etc. to any recipe
  • Calculate Carbohydrates, both Net Carbohydrates and Effective Carbohydrates
  • Calculate eligible Nutrient Content Claims

Recipe Maintenance

Recipe Maintenance
  • Unlimited number of recipes
  • Unlimited number of ingredients and an unlimited number of process steps for each recipe/formula
  • Use any recipe as an ingredient in another recipe. This allows mixes, sauces, batters and doughs to be easily used in more than one product
  • Account for moisture loss and other nutrient and production losses
  • Scale recipes to calculate the cost and ingredient requirements for any size batch
  • New! Import recipes from ESHA Genesis (Genesis R&D is a registered trademark of ESHA)

Recipe, Product and Menu Costing

Product Menu and Costing
  • Calculate Product Costs including labor, materials, packaging and overhead for any size batch
  • Uses state of the art production control technology (nutraCoster is a true multi-level Bill of Materials).
  • Calculate gross margin or selling price for each product or menu item
  • Explore “what-if” scenarios as margins or costs change

Labor and Overhead

Labor and Overhead
  • Divide each process step into Setup Time (which is constant for any size batch) and Assembly Time (which is proportional to batch size)
  • Assign one or more workers to perform each process step
  • Assign each worker to a Labor Class
  • Use the Labor Cost Calculator to assign a burdened labor cost to each Labor Class, including taxes, benefits, etc.
  • Use the Overhead Calculator to accurately calculate total overhead costs
  • Allocate overhead to products or to labor classes
  • Determine the overhead contribution to cost for any product or menu item

Nutrition and Costing Reports

  • Scale recipes by printing any report for any batch size or serving size
  • Product Costs including labor, materials, packaging and overhead for any size batch
  • Calculate gross margin or target selling price for each product or menu item. Flag products whose actual margins are deviating from the target
  • Ingredient lists for any size batch
  • Menu reports - including Menu Detail Report, Costed Menu Report, Menu Nutrition Report, Menu Nutrient Grid Report
  • Nutrition Content for any serving size
  • Nutrition Contribution by Ingredient


  • Serving Size Helper - Suggests Serving Sizes based on reference amounts
  • Yield Helper - Aids in specifying recipe yields
  • Process Helper - Calculate water loss/gain for processes that involve both, such as frying or boiling
  • Groups Helper - Specify a Group or Subgroup for an item
  • Units of Measure Helper - Helps define units of an item
  • Labor Time Calculator - Calculate Setup Time, Assembly Time and Time Scaler from measured times for any 3 different batch sizes


Computer Nuts Bolts
  • Network ready
  • Security features - require user login and/or password
  • Control access to any procedure or report for any user
  • Create manual backups or schedule automatic backups
  • Automatically install Updates
  • Track changes to all data files - find out what changed, who changed it, and when
  • New! Import recipes from ESHA Genesis (Genesis R&D is a registered trademark of ESHA)
  • Requires Windows 7 or later or Windows Server 2008 R2 or later