All SweetWARE products include unlimited technical support.

There is no charge for support (although, you do pay for the phone call).

Official support hours are 8:30am to 4:30pm Pacific time. However, we are often here weekends and evenings as well.

We design our products to be very easy to use and hence require very little support. We stand behind our products 100%. Compare this to other software vendors who charge for support, in effect making you pay for their mistakes and poor design.

To Obtain Support

  • Call 510-436-8600

Support Articles/Technical Information

Answers to the most frequently asked nutraCoster questions and step by step instructions for common nutraCoster tasks. Also contains links to regulatory information, technical references, and troubleshooting tips.

nutraCoster Yahoo User Group

The nutraCoster Yahoo user group is a place where you can ask questions and share tips with other users. Membership is free for nutraCoster users.

The nutraCoster Yahoo group is an email group. Each time a member sends a message to the group, each member of the group receives an email with the message. In this way each member stays current with all the activity in the group. (If you don't want to receive emails, you can opt to just check the messages at your convenience. All messages are available on the group page at Yahoo.)

You must be a member of Yahoo to access the group. Membership is free. Sign up as a Yahoo member at if you are not already a member.

To join the group, click the following link (open to nutraCoster users only).

Important! When you complete the membership information, please fill in the Comment to Owner section with your company name and contact. It is often difficult to tell who you are from your email address alone.


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Here are nutraCoster User Group Guidelines.