All SweetWARE products include unlimited technical support.

There is no charge for support (although, you do pay for the phone call).

Official support hours are 8:30am to 4:30pm Pacific time. However, we are often here weekends and evenings as well.

We design our products to be very easy to use and hence require very little support. We stand behind our products 100%. Compare this to other software vendors who charge for support, in effect making you pay for their mistakes and poor design.

To Obtain Support

  • Call 510-436-8600

Support Articles/Technical Information

Answers to the most frequently asked nutraCoster questions and step by step instructions for common nutraCoster tasks. Also contains links to regulatory information, technical references, and troubleshooting tips.

nutraCoster Yahoo User Group

Yahoo has discontinued all groups

Please call 510-436-8600 or email if you have questions or need help.