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Coordinating Cloud and Desktop Versions

  • Databases for nutraCoster Desktop Version and nutraCoster Cloud Version are identical.

    Transfer data from Desktop Version to Cloud Version

  • Backup Database from Desktop Version and Restore Database to Cloud Version, or
  • Export Recipes from Desktop Version and Import Recipes to Cloud Version.

    Transfer data from Cloud Version to Desktop Version

  • Export Recipes from Cloud Version and Import Recipes to Desktop Version.

Cloud Security

  • Each cloud subscription has its own separate database. Your data is not mixed with anyone else's data.
  • Only users you specifically authorize have access to your data.
  • The first user creates a user name and password. That user (or any user designated as supervisor) can then create as many additional user names/passwords as needed.
  • You can restrict access to menu choices and procedures for any non-supervisor.
  • Access can be "allow access", "read-only access" or "deny access".
  • Data access requires nutraCoster Cloud Version (see System Requirements). Non-users cannot access your data with a browser.

Data Retention

  • During the term of your subscription nutraCoster maintains your data.
  • After your subscription expires nutraCoster retains your data for 30 days.
  • If you renew your subscription during that time your data will be automatically restored.
  • After 30 days you data will be automatically deleted.
  • IMPORTANT: If you do not intend to renew your subscription within 30 days, be sure to back up your data before your subscription expires.
  • Requires Windows 7 or later or Windows Server 2008 R2 or later.
  • nutraCoster Professional 3.0 Cloud Version is a "fat client" application. This means you install the application program on your computer, but the data is stored in the cloud.
  • nutraCoster Professional 3.0 Cloud Version uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) for cloud features. AWS may have occasional down time for routine maintenance (usually after midnight).
  • AWS maintains short-term backups. However, do not rely on this for long-term data retention. Make frequent backups yourself.
  • Use the Schedule Automatic Backups procedure to automate the backup process. Backups are only made if your data has changed.