nutraCoster Version Comparison

Feature V2.1 V3.0
Print US Nutrition Facts labels - 2016 style no yes
Print US Nutrition Facts labels - 1994 style yes yes
Print Canada Nutrition Facts labels - 2016 style no yes
Print Canada Nutrition Facts labels - 2007 style yes yes
Print Mexico Nutrition Facts labels no yes
Create bi-lingual labels with English and French yes yes
Create bi-lingual labels with English, French or Spanish no yes
Create Dual Column labels (as-sold/as-prepared, different serving sizes) no yes
Create Aggregate labels for assortments no yes
Create labels for individual ingredients no yes
Menus - Create Menus no yes
Menus - Group Menu Items in Menu Sections (Appetizers, Soups, Entrees, etc.) no yes
Menus - Include Special Indicators (spicy, heart-healthy, etc.) no yes
Menus - Calculate and include nutrition for Menu Items no yes
Menus - Cost menus and calculate margins no yes
Track certifications for items (Organic, Kosher etc.) no yes
Account for nutrient changes during processing yes yes
Nutrition - Incude Added Sugar no yes
Nutrition - Vitamin A calculator, Vitamin D calculator, Vitamin E calculator, Folate calculator no yes
Recipe Window - Edit Ingredient List no yes
Reports - Menu cost reports no yes
Reports - Menu Nutrition reports no yes
Reports - Batch size multiplier - Set the batch size to any multiple of the yield no yes
Helpers - Groups Helper - Specify a Group and Subgroup for an item no yes
Helpers - Process Helper - Calculate water loss/gain for processes that involve both, such as frying or boiling no yes
Helpers - Serving Size Helper - Suggests serving sizes based on reference amounts no yes
Helpers - Units of Measure Helper - Help define units for an item no yes
Helpers - Yield Helper - Aids in specifying recipe yields no yes
Helpers - Labor Time Calculator - Calculate labor times from measured times no yes
Run in Windows XP or Windows Vista yes no
Run in Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 yes yes
Security features - Passwords, allow or deny menu access yes yes
Security features - Allow read-only menu access no yes
User Interface - Automatically install Updates no yes
User Interface - Spell check no yes
User Interface - Track changes to all data files, i.e. what changed, who changed it and when no yes
User Interface - Supports English, French and Spanish no yes