Can I Install nutraCoster on Multiple Computers?

applies to: nutraCoster 2.1, nutraCoster 3.0

nutraCoster is licensed for installation on a single computer at a single location.

You can install nutraCoster on one computer and access it from any other computer on your network.

Click here for network installation instructions.

nutraCoster 2.1 only: You can also install a single copy of nutraCoster on a USB Flash Memory Drive and take it with you from computer to computer.

Click here for USB Flash Memory Drive instructions.

You may not install nutraCoster on more than one computer, or at more than one location, except as described in the USB Flash Memory Drive article. Doing so is a violation of your license agreement.

When nutraCoster is running on your network you will be limited to one user at a time unless you purchase additional simultaneous user licenses.