nutraCoster  3.0 Network Installation

applies to: nutraCoster 3.0

nutraCoster is network ready. You can install it 3 ways:

  1. Install nutraCoster on a stand-alone computer.
  2. Install nutraCoster on a dedicated server.
  3. Use any machine on your network as the nutraCoster server.

nutraCoster is licensed for installation on a single computer. You can install nutraCoster on one computer and access it from any other computer on your network. You will be limited to one user at a time unless you purchase additional simultaneous user licenses.

When nutraCoster is installed as described here, all users access the same data (recipes, ingredients, etc.). Changes made on one workstation are visible from all of the other workstations.

nutraCoster can be installed on any machine. That machine will act as the nutraCoster server. You can then access nutraCoster from any other machine on your network.

Server Setup

nutraCoster 3.0 must be installed on the server machine first.

  1. Run nutraCoster 3.0 Setup on the server.
  2. Allow network users to access nutraCoster 3.0
    • nutraCoster Setup creates a security group on the server called nutraCoster Users.
    • Each network user who wants to access nutraCoster must be a member of the nutraCoster Users group. Refer to the article Adding users to the nutraCoster Users Group.

Workstation Setup

  1. From each workstation, navigate to the Coster3 folder on the server.

  2. Double click nutraCoster_Workstation_Setup.exe.

If you're having trouble with the workstation, refer to these articles:

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Here are solutions to some common problems you may encounter:

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