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nutraCoster TM Professional 2.1
Nutrition Analysis and Recipe/Formula Costing

Create Nutrition Facts labels and find out how much it really costs to make your products.

Enter your recipes/formulas and the purchase cost of your ingredients. nutraCoster does the rest.

nutraCoster is a powerful tool for analyzing recipes and formulas. It allows you to precisely calculate nutrition, materials costs, labor costs, packaging costs and overhead costs.

Nutrition Analysis Calculate Nutrition content of your recipes/formulas including trans fats and allergens.
Nutrition Labels Print US and Canadian Nutrition Facts Labels.
Product Costing Calculate complete Product Cost including labor, packaging and overhead.
Product Pricing Are you charging enough for your products? Use nutraCoster to help you find out.
Profitability Which of your products is the most profitable? Which ones lose money? nutraCoster can tell you.
Recipe Scaling Print production requirements for any size batch.

nutraCoster 3.0 is now available. Includes new 2016-style Nutrition Facts labels.

Nutrition Analysis and Nutrition Facts LabelingTop 

Calculate nutrient content and print Nutrition Facts labels for your products, including trans fats and allergens.

  • nutraCoster includes an ingredient database with nutrition information for approximately 7200 common ingredients.
  • Optional ingredient libraries contain nutrition information about brand name products from hundreds of companies.
  • Add an unlimited number of additional ingredients to the database.
  • Calculate nutrition content for any serving size.
  • Print US Nutrition Facts labels that comply with the requirements of the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act (NLEA). Users with laser printers can generate production quality labels.
  • Print Canadian Nutrition Facts labels that comply with the requirements of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.
  • Include trans fats.
  • Include omega-3 and omega-6 fats.
  • Print multiple labels per page.
  • Include ingredient listing with Nutrition Facts label.
  • Include allergen statement with Nutrition Facts label.
  • Save labels in various graphics file formats including JPG.
  • Completely and accurately account for nutrition changes during processing, including moisture loss and fat loss/gain.
  • Determine which ingredients contribute calories, fat, etc. to any recipe.
  • Calculate Net and Effective Carbohydrates.
  • Calculate eligible Nutrient Content Claims.

We are engaged in an ongoing effort to collect and maintain nutrition information from a large variety of sources. If there are ingredients for which you need nutrition information, we can help you obtain the information (there's a good chance we already have it). There is no charge for this service.

Product CostingTop 

You enter your recipes/formulas and the purchase cost of your ingredients. nutraCoster calculates the product cost including labor, packaging and overhead for any size batch.

nutraCoster uses state of the art production control technology (known as a multi-level Bill of Materials) to accurately calculate materials cost, labor cost, packaging cost and overhead cost.

  • Include an unlimited number of ingredients and an unlimited number of process steps for each recipe/formula.
  • Use any recipe as an ingredient in another recipe. This allows mixes, sauces, batters and doughs to be easily used in more than one product.
  • Scale recipes to calculate the cost and ingredient requirements for any size batch.
  • Enter unlimited length instructions for each process step.
  • Account for moisture loss and other nutrient and production losses.
Labor Costs

Obtain extremely accurate labor costs by breaking the production process into individual process steps (such as mixing, baking, finishing, etc.).

  • Divide each process step into Setup Time (which is constant for any size batch) and Assembly Time (which is proportional to batch size).
  • Assign one or more workers to perform each process step.
  • Assign each worker to a Labor Class.
  • Use the Labor Cost Calculator to assign a burdened labor cost to each Labor Class, including taxes, benefits, etc.
Overhead Cost
  • Use the Overhead Calculator to accurately calculate total overhead costs.
  • Allocate overhead to products or to labor classes.
  • Determine the overhead contribution to cost for any product.


  • Scale recipes by printing any report for any batch size or serving size.
  • Product Costs including labor, materials, packaging and overhead for any size batch.
  • Calculate gross margin or target selling price for each product. Flag products whose actual margins are deviating from the target.
  • Ingredient lists for any size batch.
  • Where-used report - find all uses of any ingredient or mix.
  • Recipe/formula listings
  • Nutrition content for any serving size
  • NLEA (US) and Canadian compliant nutrition labels, including optional nutrients, ingredient lists and allergen statements.
  • Nutrition Contribution by Ingredient


  • Network ready
  • Security features - require user login and/or password.
  • Control access to any procedure or report for any user.

System RequirementsTop 

  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or later.
  • Pentium 200 or faster processor.
  • 32 MB RAM or more. 64 MB recommended.
  • 60 MB free disk space (more for optional ingredient libraries)