nutraCoster tm  User Group Guidelines

The nutraCoster Google user group is a place where you can ask questions, share tips with other users and download the latest updates. Membership is free for nutraCoster users.

For more information about the group, or to join the group, click nutraCoster User Group.

General Guidelines

  • Please include your name and company on all messages to the group.
  • Provide a relevant subject line for each new message.
  • Post messages to the group if the message is relevant or of interest to the entire group. Otherwise send email directly to
  • Maintain message threads.
    • A thread consists of an original message and all replies on that same topic.
    • A thread is identified by the subject of the original message.
    • Do not reply to a message if your question is on a different topic. Instead, create a new message with a new subject.
      • See How to Post below to create a message to start a new thread.
  • Do not add attachments to group messages, unless the attachment is relevant to everyone. Otherwise, send email with attachments directly to the recipient.
  • If you reply to a request for help, post to the entire group if your communication is relevant to everyone. Otherwise, respond to the sender email directly.
  • Please avoid "me too" or "thank you" messages. If you want to thank the sender, respond to the sender email directly.
  • Please refrain from posting commercial messages.
  • Turn off auto-responders, or be sure to exclude group messages.
  • To limit the amount of email from the group see Managing your Membership.
  • To unsubscribe, see Managing your Membership. If you want us to remove you, email Do not email the entire group.

How to Post

  • To reply to a group message
    • Reply to any group email message with your email program using Reply All, or
    • Log on to the group messages page.
      • Find the message and click it.
      • At the bottom of the message click Reply all or Reply to author.

Managing your Membership / Unsubscribing

You can manage your group membership by logging on to any group page and clicking My membership settings.

Here are things you can do.

  • Change the email address to which group messages are sent.
  • Change your message delivery options.
    • Each email - each group message is delivered in a separate email.
    • Digest - messages sent in bundles of 25.
    • Abridged - you receive one email with all of the group messages for the day (up to 150 messages).
    • No email - you can check group messages by logging in to the group.
  • Limit the volume of email from the group.
    • Log in to the group and change your email delivery preference.
  • Remove yourself from the group.
  • Ask us to remove you.
    • Email Do not email the entire group.
    • If you ask us to remove you from the group, we will change your email delivery preference to No email, unless you are no longer a nutraCoster user.