nutraCoster tm Nutrition Data Share

Free Collaborative Nutrition Data Library

The nutraCoster Nutrition Data Share is a project that allows users to share nutrition data they have collected.

nutraCoster users submit nutrition data they have collected to SweetWARE. SweetWARE transcribes the nutrition data into nutraCoster format, adds it to the Nutrition Data Share Library, and posts it here for download.

Ingredient vendors are also invited to submit nutrition data for inclusion in the Nutrition Data Share Library.

  • Important: We will only include data that has been specifically authorized for re-distribution by the vendor. After you submit an item to SweetWARE, we will contact the vendor to obtain specific permission to include the item in the Library.

Submitting Nutrition Data

1. Obtain Nutriton Data for the item. Here are guidleines for collecting nutrition data.

  • Download our free article Nutrition Data Quality - What to Look For.
  • Collect nutrition values for a 100g sample.
    • We will not use a Nutrition Facts label as a source of nutrition data except in cases where we have exhausted all other sources of information.
  • Here is a sample Nutrition Request Letter that you can use as a template for your request.

2. Obtain the Ingredient Statement for the item.

  • If necessary, you can almost always get this from the product package.

3. Obtain Allergen information for the item.

  • We can usually determine this from the list of ingredients, but items sometimes contain hidden allergens.

4. Include vendor contact information.

  • We need to contact the vendor to obtain permission to re-distribute the nutrition data.
  • If the information is already available publicly, such as on the Internet, we do not need to obtain additional authorization.

5. Fax data to 510-436-8601 or email to

6. We prefer copies of the source data from the vendor.

We will post updates to the Nutrition Data Share Library whenever new data is submitted.

Benefits for Vendors

  • Readily available nutrition data makes your ingredients easier to use for customers that require Nutrition Facts labels on their products.
  • Inclusion in the Nutrition Data Share Library will reduce the number of nutrition requests you have to process in the future.
  • Your company name and products appear in the list of included items.

Downloading and Installing the Nutrition Data Share Library