nutraCoster 2.1 Download Instructions

applies to: nutraCoster 2.1

Here is how you download and install the latest revision of nutraCoster or nutraCoster with stockCoster.

Note: Yahoo has removed all content from Yahoo Groups. You can no longer download nutraCoster 2.1 Setup from Yahoo Groups.

To obtain nutraCoster 2.1 Setup please email and we will send you a link to download Setup. Specify whether you are running nutraCoster or nutraCoster with stockCoster.

Use the same Setup file for a new installation or to update an existing installation.

When you download Setup, save the Setup.exe file to your computer and double click it to install or update nutraCoster.

Installation Notes

  • Update the USDA Library If you are upgrading nutraCoster from version 2.0 or earlier, or from version 2.1 revision 135 or earlier, you must reinstall the USDA library during Setup when asked. Tell Setup to Update Descriptions, Update Nutrition and Update Units. If you are upgrading from nutraCoster 1.1, also tell setup to Update Cooked Items.
  • Install in the correct folder If you are updating an existing copy of nutraCoster, be sure to install the update in the same folder as your existing nutraCoster.
    • To determine where your nutraCoster is installed, right click your desktop shortcut or Program Menu shortcut and choose Properties. Click the Shortcut tab. The Target field indicates the folder in which nutraCoster is installed.
    • When you specify the existing folder during Setup, Setup will warn you that the folder exists, and ask you to confirm. If Setup does not ask, you have not specified the correct folder.
    • If you have previously installed nutraCoster, and nutraCoster asks for an Activation Key after you run Setup, it means you have installed the nutraCoster update in a different folder.