SmallPICS 2.0 Demo

The SmallPICS 2.0 demo is a fully functional copy of SmallPICS 2.0 with the following limitations:

  • You can only add 5 customers to the Customer List. Customer names cannot be changed.
  • You can only enter 10 orders. Order numbers cannot be changed.
  • You can only create 20 Accounts Receivable transactions.
  • You can only add 10 items to the Master Items List. Item descriptions cannot be changed.
  • Single user only on a single machine.

The demo is 11.5MB. Download will take around 2 minutes with a broadband connection, or around 25 minutes with a 56K modem.

Important: Read the SmallPICS demo readme file before running the demo. It explains important information about using SmallPICS. The readme file is installed when you install the demo, or you can read it by clicking here.

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