Multi-Step Recipes

Any nutraCoster recipe can be used as an ingredient in another recipe. There is no limit to the number of levels of subrecipes.

If you have a dough or mix that you use in more than one product, you can enter the recipe for the mix, and then use it as an ingredient in as many products as you need.

Multi-Step Recipes are used for the following situations:

1. A product that is comprised of several subrecipes.

  • Example: a pie that has a crust and a filling.

2. A product that requires several production steps with different yields or losses.

  • Example: a pie that has filling that is cooked.
  • Example: then the assembled pie is baked.

3. Any product that requires more than one production step.

  • Example: a product that requires mixing, scaling, baking, and finishing.
  • If you think of a recipe as a process that has inputs and an output, you use the output of each step as the input to the next step.

4. Any product that has different labor classes for different production steps.

5. Any product that uses the same ingredient in more than one step.