Ingredient Library 2 & 3

Brand Name Nutrition Information

Manufacturers Included Nutrition Data Quality Article

Only $39 (requires nutraCoster 2.1)

nutraCoster comes with the USDA Library (Library 1) which includes nutrition data for more than 7200 items.

Ingredient Library 2&3 contains nutrition information for 2500 additional brand name ingredients.


More Ingredients Over 2500 ingredients from more than 150 different manufacturers.
Brand Names Brand name data (type the brand name and nutraCoster will find the items.)
Imports Easily Imports easily into nutraCoster 2.1

A Note About Nutrition Data Quality

We have conscientiously collected and transcribed the nutrition data from the ingredient manufacturers. However, many of the manufacturers are going through a learning process about nutrition information (as is the rest of the food industry). Much of the information we received is incomplete or inconsistent. We are working with the ingredient manufacturers to ensure that the information we receive is complete and consistent, and we will continue to update the library as better data becomes available.

Download our free article Nutrition Data Quality - What to Look For.

Nutrition Data Collection

We are engaged in an ongoing effort to collect ingredient nutrition information. If you need nutrition information for brand name ingredients, send us the brand name, manufacturer name, and UPC code or manufacturer part number. We will attempt to obtain the nutrition information and forward it to you. There is no charge for this service.