Duplicate Items

applies to: nutraCoster 2.1

nutraCoster does not allow duplicate item descriptions. However, if indexes become corrupted, duplicate items may occasionally occur. We have seen this a number of times.

To correct duplicate items follow these steps. The general scheme is as follows:

  1. Change the item description of one of the items. This will eliminate the duplicate.
  2. Delete one of the items.

First, make sure there are no maintenance issues that will complicate the process.

  1. Reindex all data files.
    • Choose Maintenance, Reindex Data Files from the menu.
    • In the Reindex Data Files window, click All Data Files and then click Index.
  2. Rebuild the Descriptions file.
    • Choose Maintenance, Rebuild Descriptions File from the menu.
    • Click Yes to continue. This procedure completes quickly on current computers.

Then rename one of the duplicate items.

  1. Choose File, Master Items, Add or Change Master Items from the menu.
  2. In the Add or Change Master Items window, type enough of the item description to find the duplicate item. nutraCoster may display both of the duplicate items, or it may just display one.
  3. Double click either of the duplicate items.
  4. In the Change Item window, where it says Enter the information for:, add "xxx" to the item description. Click Save.

You now have 2 items with different descriptions. You can delete one of the items.

nutraCoster will not allow you to delete an item that is used as an ingredient in a recipe. If this happens, do the following.

  1. Create the Where Used report for the item. This will list all recipes in which the item is used as an ingredient.
    • Choose Print, Where Used Report from the menu.
  2. Delete the "bad" item from each recipe and add the "good" item in its place.

Once this is done nutraCoster will allow you to delete the item.