Dual Column Labels in nutraCoster  2.1

applies to: nutraCoster  2.1

Note: nutraCoster  3.0 can create dual column and aggregate labels.

nutraCoster  2.1 can create 4 styles of US labels and 8 styles of Canada labels. However, it does not directly create 2 column labels.

nutraCoster can calculate the numbers that go in each column of the 2 column label, but it will not create the label directly.

For example, if you need a dual column label for a mix, with one colum for the mix and the second column for "as prepared", create 2 recipes - one for the mix and one for the "as prepared". Then create the standard label for each one. This will give you the numbers for each column.

You can have a graphic designer create the label for you, or you can do it yourself using graphic design software. You might be able to save the labels as JPG files, and cut and paste the second column.