Creating a Nutrition Facts Label for a Single Ingredient with nutraCoster  2.1

applies to: nutraCoster 2.1

Note: nutraCoster 3.0 can create Nutrition Facts label for a single ingredient.

nutraCoster 2.1 creates Nutrition Facts labels for recipes. To create a Nutrition Facts label for a single ingredient, create a recipe with only one ingredient.

Here are step by step instructions. We will create a sample label for the item "Sugars, Granulated" by creating a recipe called "Granulated Sugar Recipe".

1. Choose File, Recipes/Formulas, Add or Change Recipes/Formulas from the menu, or click the Add or Change Recipes/Formulas toolbar button.

2. In the Add or Change Recipes/Formulas window, type the name of the recipe you are creating. For this example, type "Granulated Sugar Recipe". Click OK.

3. In the New Item Window, click Add to add the new recipe to the Master Items List.

4. In the New Recipe/Formula Window, find your ingredient. For this example, type "sug gr" and double click "Sugars, Granulated" in the list of matching items.

5. Enter a quantity of 100 and specify "g" (grams) for the unit. Click Ingredient Done.

6. Click Save Recipe/Formula.

7. Choose Print, Nutrition Labels from the menu.

8. In the Options for Nutrition Labels window select your new recipe in the list of recipes.

9. In the Options for Nutrition Labels window click the Serving Sizes tab. Specify the Servings per Container, Serving Size and Unit for your label.

10. Click Create Report.

If your ingredient is a new item that is not yet in the Master Items List:

1. Add the item to the Master Items List and enter the nutrition information.

  • Choose File, Nutrition, Enter Nutrition Information from the menu.
  • In the Enter Nutrition Information window type the description of the new item.
    • If there are no matching items, click OK.
    • If there are matching items, click New Item and then click OK.
  • In the New Item window, click Add.
  • In the Nutrition window enter the nutrition values. Click Save.

2. Enter the Ingredient List Description for the new item.

  • Choose File, Master Items, Add or Change Master Items from the menu.
  • In the Add or Change Master Items window find your item, select it and click OK. Refer to the article EasyFinder Searches for more information.
  • In the Change Item window, enter the Ingredient List Description and click Save. Refer to the article Ingredient Lists for more information.