nutraCoster Cloud Setup

applies to: nutraCoster 3.0 Cloud Version

These instructions apply to nutraCoster Cloud Version initial setup. For setting up additional computers, refer to Running nutraCoster Cloud on Multiple Computers.


To install nutraCoster Cloud Version:

  • After you place your order you will receive an email with a download link and an activation key.
  • Click the nutraCoster Cloud Setup.exe link and either Run or Save the Setup file. If you save the Setup file, it will usually go to your Downloads folder, unless you specifically save it to a different location.
  • If you chose to save the Setup file, double click it to run Setup.
  • Follow the instructions in the Setup window. Installation takes just a few seconds.
  • When Setup completes you will have a nutraCoster Cloud icon on your desktop.

First Time Use - Activation Key

The first time you run nutraCoster Cloud it will ask you to enter your company name and activation key.

  • You must enter your company name exactly as you entered it when you placed your order, including capitalization and punctuation.
  • Refer to your download email for exact spelling.
  • Note: Your activation key may work for slight variations of your company name. However, if it is not an exact match, you will receive an "Unknown Company Name" warning, and you will be asked for your activation key each time you start nutraCoster Cloud.
    • If this happens, choose Maintenance, Preferences from the menu, and click the Company tab in the Preferences window. Enter your correct company name.

First Time Use - Initial User

You will then be asked to create your user name and password. You will need this every time you start nutraCoster Cloud.

  • The initial user is automatically a supervisor. This means you have full access to every menu and feature of nutraCoster Cloud.
  • You can then create as many additional user names and passwords as you need.
  • Choose Maintenance, Security, Add or Change Users from the nutraCoster Cloud menu to create users.

Additional Users

Each user can be either a supervisor or non-supervisor.

  • Supervisors have full access to every menu and feature of nutraCoster Cloud, including the ability to create, change and delete users.
  • You can limit access for non-supervisors to specific menu choices and procedures.
  • Access for each individual menu choice or procedure can be "Access Enabled", "Read-Only Access" or "Access Denied".

Running From Multiple Computers

nutraCoster Cloud can be run from any Windows computer, anywhere. Refer to the article Running nutraCoster Cloud on Multiple Computers.

You will be limited to one user at a time unless you purchase additional simultaneous user licenses.

When nutraCoster Cloud is used as described here, all users access the same data (ingredients, recipes, menus, etc.). Changes made on one computer are visible from all of the other computers.