Specifying Batch Size for Recipe Reports

nutraCoster will calculate ingredient requirments for any batch size. You specify the batch size when you create any of the recipe reports.

You scale recipes to different sizes by specifying the batch size for any of the recipe reports.

You define units you need for the batch size with the Add or Change Units procedure. Refer to the article Defining Units of Measure for details about defining units.

You specify the batch size in the Batch Sizes tab of the Options window for any of the recipe reports. For example:

  1. Choose Print, Recipe/Formula Reports, Detail Recipes/Formulas Report from the menu.
  2. In the Options for Detail Recipe Report window, select your recipe in the Items tab.
  3. Click the Batch Sizes tab and specify the Batch Size and Unit.
  4. Click Create Report.

The first time you create a recipe report for a new recipe, nutraCoster uses the Processing Yield as the batch size. You can change the batch size to any size you want.

You can right click the Batch Size field to set the batch size to multiples of the Processing Yield.

nutraCoster remembers the batch size for each recipe.