nutraCoster  2.1 Installation Issues

applies to: nutraCoster 2.1

Here are solutions to several common installation problems.

Issue Resolution
Setup hangs while installing a font file. Restart the computer and run Setup again. If this does not work, use Task Manager to end one or more of the following processes:
  • setpoint.exe
  • rundll32.exe
Visual FoxPro Support Library is not found. Run Setup or Netsetup on the computer. There are a number of system files that need to be installed.
"File Access Denied" or "Cannot Update the Cursor" messages. These are permissions issues. The user must have Full Control privileges for both the \COSTER folder and the \COSTLOC folder.
"File Access Denied" for a file in the TEMP folder. This message is from Kaspersky Anti-Virus. You must list nutraCoster as a trusted application. Here is a link to Kaspersky support. The nutraCoster executable is COSTER.EXE in the COSTER folder. The stockCoster executable is COSTINV.EXE in the COSTER folder.
"Error 1 - File Does Not Exist" for a file in the TEMP folder. Make sure the Hidden attribute is not set for the TEMP folder.
Virus warnings. AVG Anti-Virus software mistakenly identifies 2 nutraCoster files as viruses. These files are small utilities used by nutraCoster, and are not viruses. Ignore the virus warnings. Do not allow AVG to delete these files.
"Installation Aborted - Internal Error" or "Corrupt Installation Detected" errors. Environment variables TEMP and/or TMP either:
  1. Are not defined.
  2. Point to folders that do not exist.
  3. You do not have proper permissions to access the temp folders.
"Installation Aborted - Internal Error" or "Corrupt Installation Detected" errors. VBScript is disabled or not registered:
  1. Make sure the anti-virus software has not disabled scripts.
  2. Make sure that VBScript.dll is registered.
"msvcrtXX.dll" cannot be opened. Make sure the Windows account TrustedInstaller is the owner of this file, and that TrustedInstaller has Full Control permissions for the file.