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nutraCoster TM Professional 3.0
Recipe/Formula/Menu Nutrition Analysis and Costing
New Features in nutraCostertm 3.0
New Features
Nutrition Labels Create new 2016 style nutrition labels and multi-column labels.
Menus Create restuarant menus - calculate nutrition, cost and profitability.
Helpers Suggest serving sizes, yields and units.
EasyFinder Searches Enhanced searches.
Item Window Track certifications (Organic, Kosher, etc.) and menu defaults.
Recipes Window Edit entire ingredient statement and other enhancements.
Nutrition Enhancements to accomodate new labeling regulations.
Ingredient LIst Descritption Supports English, French and Spanish.
Reports Includes memorized reports and new file formats.
User Interface Includes automatic updates, spell checking and change tracking.

Nutrition LabelsTop 

  • Create both 2016-style and 1994-style US labels
  • Create both 2016-style and 2007-style Canada labels
  • Create Mexico labels
  • Create dual-column labels (as-sold, as-prepared, different serving sizes)
  • Create Aggregate labels for assortments
  • Create labels for individual ingredients
  • Specify the width for linear labels
  • Create labels in English, French or Spanish
  • Create bi-lingual labels with English, French, or Spanish
  • US labels - Add Contains 2% or less statement
  • Canada Ingredient Statement - Specify End of List items
  • Canada 2016 Ingredient Statement - Combine sugars
  • Save As - Added File Types including PDF


  • Create menus
  • Menus consist of Menu items
  • Any Menu can be used as a Menu Item in another Menu
  • Group Menu Items in Menu Sections (Appetizers, Soups, Entrees, etc.)
  • Include Special Indicators (spicy, heart-healthy, etc.)
  • Calculate and include nutrition for Menu Items
  • Cost Menus and calculate margins and profitability


Serving Size Helper

  • Suggests Serving Sizes based on reference amounts
    • Specify a Group and Subgroup for an item
    • Select a suggested unit or suggest your own unit
    • Define the unit if it is not already defined
    • Select a suggested Serving Size for US or Canada
    • Automatically set the Serving Size

Yield Helper

  • Aids in specifying recipe yields
    • Specify a Group and Subgroup for an item
    • Select a suggested unit or suggest your own unit>
    • Define the unit if it is not already defined
    • Set preparation losses before cooking or processing
    • Set losses or gains during cooking or processing
    • Set finishing losses after cooking or processing

Process Helper

  • Calculate water loss/gain and fat loss/gain for processes that involve both, such as frying or broiling

Groups Helper

  • Groups items
    • Specify a Group and Subgroup for an item

Units of Measure Helper

  • Helps define units for an item
    • Specify a Group and Subgroup for an item
    • Select a suggested unit or suggest your own unit
    • Define the unit if it is not already defined

Labor Time Calculator

  • Calculate Setup Time, Assembly Time and Time Scaler from measured times for any 3 different batch sizes

Serving SizesTop 

  • Display formatted Serving Size
  • Serving Size Helper - Suggests Serving Sizes based on reference amounts

EasyFindertm SearchesTop 

  • Highlight matching search words
  • Flash matching items message
  • Display multiple columns
    • Sort by clicking column header

Item WindowTop 

  • Certifications Tab
    • Add/Remove Certifications for Items (Organic, Kosher, etc.)
    • Set Expiration Dates for Certifications
    • Associate Costs with Certifications
  • Menu Defaults Tab
    • Associate Default Menu Descriptions with Items
    • Associate Special Indicators with Items
  • Add Item notes

Add or Change Recipes/Formulas WindowTop 

  • Revise a Recipe/Formula

Recips WindowTop 

  • Change Total Ingredient Weight Unit
  • Yield Helper
  • Units of Measure Helper
  • Edit ingredient lists
  • Edit ingredient lists - warn if mismatched parentheses
  • Edit Contains 2% or less statement
  • Edit Allergen Statements
  • Edit Allergen Post-Text
  • Sort Ingredients by Part Number, Shortcut, Entry Date, Entered By, Last Changed Date, or Last Changed By
  • Add Recipe notes


  • Include Added Sugar
  • Vitamin consistency warnings
  • Vitamin D details tab
  • Add hyperlinks to Data Source Documentation
  • Update USDA Library to SR28
  • Add nutrition notes

Ingredient List DescriptionsTop 

  • Supports English, French and Spanish descriptions (For each item enter English followed by a vertical bar, then French followed by a vertical bar, then Spanish)


  • Batch size yield multiplier - set the batch size to any multiple of the yield
  • Save Reports in new file formats - PDF, XPS, HTM, XML
  • Memorized Reports
  • Include pictures on some reports
  • Menu Reports
    • Menu Detail Report
    • Costed Menu Report
    • Menu Nutrition Report
    • Menu Nutritient Grid Report
  • Nutrition Contribution by Ingredient Report
    • Increased number of columns
    • Print in Landscape mode
    • Sort nutrients alphabetically
  • Save and restore Report Color Themes

User InterfaceTop 

  • Automatically install Updates
  • Spell check
  • Track Changes to all data files
    • What changed, who changed it and when
  • Save and restore Window Color Themes
  • Magnify windows (ctrl + mouse wheel)
  • Dock and float windows
  • Save without closing
  • Supports English, French, and Spanish