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Labeling Regulations / Government Web Sites

United States Regulations - General InformationTop
USDA - Food and Nutrition USDA links about food and nutrition.
USDA - Nutrition Database USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference.
NIST - Uniform Packaging and Labeling Section 6 has rules for Net Weight declarations.
NIST - Net Contents of Packaged Goods Accuracy of Net Weight declarations.

United States Regulations - Nutrition LabelingTop

US Nutrition Labeling Regulations United States Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 21, Part 101 - Food and Drugs.
US Menu and Vending Labeling Overview Menu and Vending Machines Labeling Requirements.
FDA Nurition Labeling Q&A Nutrition Labeling samples and examples.
FDA Food - Labeling & Nutrition Food Labeling & Nutrition Overview.
FDA - Compliance Dates, Added Sugars, Vitamins/Minerals Q & A regarding Compliance Dates, Added Sugars, and amounts of Vitamins and Minerals
FDA Guidance Serving Sizes Serving Sizes, Reference Amounts, Dual-Column Labeling
USDA - Child Nutrition Labeling Program CN Labeling - see Program Manuals.

United States Regulations - AllergensTop

US Allergen Regulations Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2004.
US Allergen Regulations Q&A Food Allergens - Information for Consumers.
US Allergen Regulations Q&A Food Allergens - Guidance for Industry.

United States Regulations - OrganicTop

USDA - National Organic Program Requirements to label a product Organic.
USDA - Labeling Organic Products Fact sheet about organic labeling.

United States Regulations - Gluten-FreeTop

US Gluten-Free Regulations Q&A US Gluten-Free Information.

Canada RegulationsTop

Canada Labeling Regulations (English) 2007 - Canada Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).
Canada Labeling Regulations (French) 2007 - Agence canadienne d’inspection des aliments (ACIA).
Canada FDR (English) 2016 - Canada Food and Drug Regulations (Department of Justice).
Canada FDR (French) 2016 - Règlement sur les aliments et drogues (Ministère de la Justice).
Canada Compendium of Label Templates Samples of every style of Canada Nutrition Facts label.
2016 Canada Labeling Changes Changes to Canada labeling regulations.
Canada Allergen Regulations Q&A Canada Food Allergen Information.

Mexico RegulationsTop

Mexico Labeling Regulations - English Mexico Official Norm for food labeling.
Mexico Labeling Regulations - Spanish Mexico Official Norm for food labeling.

UK and Europe RegulationsTop

European Nutrition Labeling Regulations Resource for labeling rules in the UK and Europe.

Label Printing SoftwareTop

Labeling software packages enable nutraCoster customers to print Nutrition Facts panels and label their food products.

nutraCoster interfaces with most of the commercially available labeling software packages. You can save your label as a JPG, BMP, or PDF and then easily insert it into your label layout or attach it to an email.

Here are some labeling software packages that have been useful for our customers.

SweetWARE has no relationship with these vendors. Please contact them directly for more information.

Bar Tender for Windows Seagull Scientific
EASYLABEL Tharo Systems
Label Flow Jolly Technologies
LabelMatrix TEKLYNX
NiceLabel Niceware International, LLC
Microsoft Word for Windows Microsoft

Thermal Label PrintersTop

Our interface to thermal label printers is through labeling software. See Label Printing Software.

SweetWARE has no relationship with these vendors. Please contact them directly for more information.

Citizen Torrance, CA
Fernqvist Labeling Solutions Mountain View, CA
Glenroy, Inc. Bensalem, PA
H. Derksen & Sons Omro, WI
Hobart Troy, OH
Lone Peak Labeling Systems Salt Lake City, UT
Met Speed Label Hatboro, PA
Paragon Labeling Systems White Bear Lake, MN
Printek Bensalem, PA
SATO America, Inc Charlotte, NC
Supply Chain Services Oakdale, MN
West Coast Labeling Dana Point, CA
Zebra Techologies Corporation Wernon Hills, IL