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SmallPICS 2.0 Demo Information


Welcome to the SmallPICS 2.0 Demo. Please read these notes carefully.


The SmallPICS 2.0 Demo includes the SmallPICS Order Entry/Invoicing/Accounts Receivable module. The demo is a fully functional version of SmallPICS with the following limitations:



Maximum of 5 customers can be entered. Customer names cannot be changed.

Order Entry

Maximum of 10 orders can be entered. Order number cannot be changed.


Maximum of 20 Accounts Receivable transactions can be entered.

Master Items List

Maximum of 10 items can be entered. Item descriptions cannot be changed.


In addition the demo runs only in single user mode.


See the section Demo Instructions below for a step-by-step walkthrough for the demo.


Client/Server Architecture


SmallPICS 2.0 is designed as a client/server application. It can be run on a network or on a single machine. When run on a network, the server application runs on the server, and the client application runs on each workstation (you can also use the server machine as a workstation by running a client on the server machine). When run on a single machine, both the client and server run on the same machine.


The demo runs only in single machine mode.


System Requirements



A 32-bit version of Windows including XP, Windows Vista or later.

Processor Speed:

At least 800MHz on both the server and each client, or on the single machine. Faster is better.


At least 128MB of RAM on both the server and each client, or on the single machine. More is better.

Disk Space:

If upgrading from SmallPICS 1.1, have at least 25% more free disk space than used by V1.1.


Requires screen resolution of at least 800x600. 1024x768 or higher is recommended. You will not be able to see all of some windows at 640x480 resolution.


For running on more than one machine, requires TCP/IP protocol installed. When running on a single machine no network is required.



Installation Instructions


Installation Instructions:


First Time Installation:


To install SmallPICS 2.0 Demo:


If you have downloaded a copy of the SmallPICS 2.0 Demo, double click the SmDemoSetup.exe icon.

If you have a CD, insert the CD into your CD drive. Setup should start automatically.


If Setup does not start automatically, do the following:

1.        Double click My Computer.

2.        Double click the icon for your CD drive.

3.        Double click smDemoSetup.exe.


Follow the instructions on screen. The demo only installs in the Single Machine configuration.


If you use SmallPICS 1.1, the demo will not upgrade your existing data. However, the full version of SmallPICS 2.0 setup will offer to automatically upgrade your old data.

The upgrade process does not change your V1.1 installation in any way.


Using SmallPICS 2.0


Client/Server Operation


SmallPICS 2.0 is a client server application. When it runs on a single machine, both the client and server modules are loaded. This means there are actually 2 different programs running. You can see an icon for the client program on the task bar. You can see an icon for the server program in the system tray (the area at the far right of the task bar).


When you start SmallPICS, you are actually starting the client application. In single machine mode, the client automatically loads the server when it starts. When the client logs off the server terminates.


You can examine the server status by right clicking the system tray icon and choosing SmallPICS Server Status. You can terminate the server by displaying the server status and then choosing Exit form the server menu, or by right clicking the system tray icon and choosing Close SmallPICS Server.


If you close the server while clients are connected, all clients will automatically close.


Some error conditions might cause the client to terminate abnormally. If you are using the single machine configuration the server may not shut down. You can manually terminate the server by right clicking the system tray icon and choosing Close SmallPICS Server.


The Client/Server Conversation window displays client requests and server responses. This information may be helpful in tracking down certain problems. You can show or hide the Client/Server Conversation from the Window menu or by right clicking the desktop.


It might happen that sometimes when you start SmallPICS 2.0 it does not connect to the server. If this happens, quit from SmallPICS 2.0 and start again. Please tell SweetWARE support if this happens.


It might also happen that sometimes the client will send a request to the server and the server will not respond. In this case the client will notify you that the server did not respond (by default this happens if the server does not respond within 10 seconds). You have the option of resending the request or closing the client.


General Information


If you prefer to navigate the menus with the keyboard rather than the mouse, you can enable the Desktop Menu. You can do so by using the Window menu, or by right-clicking the desktop. You can then use the keyboard to make menu choices.


You can position the Desktop Menu anywhere on the desktop. You can also dock it to any side of the screen.


Use Save Selections in any of the reports to create lists of customers, products, etc. Use Auto Select, Restore Selections to use a list.


There is no help in this release, and not all of the features are obvious. Right click in each window to see what options are available. Explore the menus so you are aware of all of the menu choices. Try the reports with different combinations of options.


If you have questions or need help, please take advantage of our unlimited telephone support. Please fell free to call SweetWARE with questions or suggestions.


Demo Instructions


This section provides a step-by-step walkthrough to familiarize you with the demo.


The demo includes no data. These steps guide you through the process of entering data so you can explore the capabilities of SmallPICS. All of the procedures listed here can be accessed through the File menu.


  1. Create a price list and enter one or more products on it. You can use the Add or Change Price Lists procedure, or you can add products to the price list “on-the-fly” as you enter orders.


The default price list is PL01. You can create as many price lists as you need. You can use one price list for all of your customers, or each customer can have its own price list, or any combination in between.


Each product you enter will also become an item on the Master Items List. Use the Add or Change Master Items procedure to specify part numbers or shortcuts for the products.


  1. Enter one or more customers. You can use the Add or Change Customers procedure, or you can enter customers “on-the-fly” as you enter orders.
  2. Enter orders for the customers you have created, using the products you have entered. Use the Enter New Orders procedure. Use the Change an Order procedure to change an order you have already saved.
  3. Print the Order Summary Report to get a list of orders you have entered.
  4. Print the Products Ordered Totals Report to get a list of all the products that have been ordered.
  5. Print Invoices for the orders you have entered.
  6. Enter payments to pay for the invoices you have printed. Use the Enter A/R Transactions procedure.
  7. Display A/R history for the customers you have entered.
  8. Print statements and aging reports for the customers you have entered.


Explore the menu choices and the various options for each procedure and report. If you have questions or need help, call SweetWARE technical support.



Features not yet available in the demo


The core features of SmallPICS are all available. However, some of the less frequently used procedures are not yet complete, including a number of reports.


Customer Statements          Open Item with How Paid statements are not available.

Help                                        There is no user manual or online help currently available. Call SweetWARE technical support to ask questions.

Auto Select                           Only the Save Selections and Restore Selections features are available. There is no Custom Select.


Enhancement Requests


We are always open to suggestions for enhancements, improvements and new features. Please call or email SweetWARE support to do so.



SmallPICS Pricing


SmallPICS 2.0 has an unconditional 45 day money back guarantee. It includes unlimited telephone support.


All prices are in US dollars. Prices are subject to change.


Call 800-526-7900 to order.


SmallPICS 2.0


Additional Users (per user)




SmallPICS 1.1 to 2.0 Upgrade


Upgrade additional users (per user)




Annual License Fee (each year after the first)


Annual License Fee – each additional user