Added Sugar

applies to: nutraCoster 3.0

Here is how added sugar works in nutraCoster.

nutraCoster 3.0 nutrition data has a new field called added sugar.

You indicate that an item contributes added sugar when you use it as an ingredient in a recipe.

Items that have a non-zero value for added sugar are automatically marked as "Contributes Added Sugar" when you add them to a recipe.

If you mark an ingredient as "Contributes Added Sugar" and it does not have a value for added sugar, nutraCoster will use the total sugar value as the added sugar value.

Recipes that are imported or upgraded from nutraCoster 2.1 have no concept of added sugar. You do not need to re-enter these recipes, but you will need to mark certain ingredients as "Contributes Added Sugar".

Here is a summary:

  • Some ingredients, such as granulated sugar, brown sugar, etc are always considered added sugar.
  • Other ingredients, such as concentrated fruit juice, can sometimes be considered added sugar.
  • The Nutrition window has a new field for Added Sugar.
  • The Carbohydrates Details Nutrition window has a new tab for Added Sugar.
  • When you enter an ingredient in a recipe, you can specify that the ingredient "Contributes Added Sugar".
  • If the ingredient has a non-zero value for Added Sugar, "Contributes Added Sugar" is checked automatically.
  • If the ingredient has no value for Added Sugar, and "Contributes Added Sugar" is checked, nutraCoster uses the Total Sugar value as the Added Sugar value.

See the regulations for a partial list of items that are always added sugar.

The current USDA database has no data for added sugar. We have filled in values for added sugar for some items.